Shout Out! McFinleysCabin Blacksmithing and Handmade!

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t been posting here a ton, but I’m active over on Etsy and boy, Christmas season starts soon!

One of my latest interests (and those of you that know me, know I eat through interests) is blacksmithing and forging.

One of my favorite Youtube channels is now Chandler Dickinson. Let’s throw some money his way and buy his awesome items!


Follow his Youtube channel! How sweet are those knives!? I can’t wait to expand the workshop and include a forge!

Chandler Dickinson Youtube

Uncategorized — 5:20 pm July 22, 2015

Wallet Chain Restock!

Fairly large wallet chain re-stock over on the Etsy store. (Click here)

Remember these are hand made, one ring at a time by me. They are very limited in available number.

Chainmaille,Wallet Chains — 8:50 pm November 27, 2013

Hippy Heart Tie Dye Chainmaille Earrings

Hippy Hippy Heart earrings. Fun Tie Dye color hearts with orange yellow and blue rings make these a fun set of unique earrings!

Available Here

Chainmaille,Earrings — 8:13 pm

Holiday SNOWMAN Chainmaille Earrings

Are these Snowmen earring fun or what? I have to give credit where credit is due. The Mrs came up with the idea while seeing me work on something else and then I found a way to make it work.

Here is a traditional red “scarf” but feel free to send me a message and I can make you one with a custom color choice.

The snowmen are made with light weight and easy to care for frost white, black and red anodized aluminium. Never have to worry about tarnish!

As with all my earrings hypoallergenic ear wires ARE available if needed, hit me up for a custom listing.

Get them here.

Falling Blue Waters – Niobium Ombre Pendant

Niobium is such a great metal. This pendant is made out of shimmery gunmetal gray niobium and a sequence of blues from light to dark. Like falling water across your window. Pictures cannot do them justice!

Niobium is hypoallergenic, so anyone with metal allergies, or sensitive ears, these are for you too! The large ring that you can hook to a necklace or string through is titanium, also hypoallergenic.

Get the pendant here on Etsy.

This pendant matches these earrings.

Chainmaille,Earrings,Necklaces — 9:22 pm November 26, 2013

Infinity Loop Earring Restock

Tons and tons of Infinity Loop earrings added over on Etsy.

Check them out here.

Chainmaille,Earrings — 9:37 pm October 30, 2013

Captured Gray Pearl Chainmaille Earring

Gunmetal Gray Glass Pearl and Glorious Champagne Jump rings form these sexy sleek earrings.

Something new for your collection perhaps. :)

Many color combos are available, hit me up for a custom order, sent right to your door.

Get them here.

Chainmaille,Earrings — 10:55 pm October 16, 2013

Infinity Loop Pink Crystal Chandilier Chainmaille Earrings

Pink and Silver Infinity Loop Earrings with fun pink chandelier and and a lot of beads.

These are absolutely stunning and you won’t see them anywhere else!

Available here!

Chainmaille,Earrings — 9:02 pm October 15, 2013

Infinity Loop Pearl Chainmaille Earrings

Silver and Black Ice Infinity Loop earrings with a large glass pearl bead.

These are absolutely stunning and you won’t see them anywhere else!

Chainmaille,Earrings — 10:24 pm October 14, 2013

Infinity Loop Pink Crystal Cross Chainmaille Earrings

Pink and Silver Infinity Loop Earrings with brilliant pink and silver crystal cross.

These are absolutely stunning and you won’t see them anywhere else!

You can get them here.

Chainmaille,Earrings — 10:19 pm
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